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2DArtist №1 ( january ) 2012
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12.01.2012 02:08
2DArtist №1 ( january ) 2012


Название: 2DArtist №1 ( january ) 2012
Год: 2012
Формат: Pdf
Страниц: 156
Качество: хорошее
Язык: English
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2DArtist are happy to kick the year off with some amazing tutorials and a really exciting new tutorial series. We will start this month by talking about the stunning image on the cover. I am sure you have been enjoying the excellent Illustrating Fairy Tales series.


Up till now we have been in the very capable hands of Simon Dominic Brewer, but in this month’s magazine we hand proceedings over to Blaz Porenta. In this issue Blaz talks us through how he created his stunning image of Little Red Riding Hood and describes how important it is to set your mood and composition at the start of the process when trying to portray a story in your image. I can give you some insider knowledge and let you know that this series is well worth keeping an eye on. David Smit and Nadia Karroue continue to tell us about how they have developed and expanded their fantastic Hippie Pippie Pocalypse universe in this month’s issue, and in particular they talk us through how they develop their characters and how to turn an idea into a story. We wrap up our short series on using Google Sketch Up to create vehicle illustrations this month, and bring things to a close with a real bang. One of 2DArtists favorite artists Carlos Cabrera is back in this issue and shows us how create a cool illustration of a futuristic submarine. Carlos is a real pro when it comes to painting over a 3D base, so this tutorial is a must for anyone interested in the technique. Now it’s time to tell you about our exciting new series! Mythology has inspired all types of art for years, and we are more than familiar with images of Medusa and The Minotaur, so in this series we will be exploring the lesser know creatures of mythology in an interesting and unique way. We will be giving a short brief to two (yes two) artists who will be told to interpret and create an illustration from it without researching the subject further. At the end of the tutorials we will be able to compare images to see how the same brief can be interpreted by different artists. Getting the ball rolling this month are two UK based artists who show us how they thing a Charybdis would look. The two artists will use different software, so in this issue Simon Dominic Brewer will be showing us how he created his image in Painter and Matt Dixon in Photoshop. As you can tell this is a great issue and we haven’t even talked about the amazing interview with one of my favorite artists Tuomas Korpi. We also have a great Making of by the very talented Markus Lovadina and some stunning gallery images by Serge Birault, Simon Weaner, Andreas Rocha and many more talented artists. I hope you enjoy the new magazine and that it helps you get the new year off to a creative start.


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