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3D World №110 - 112 CD
Графика и Креатив
15.01.2012 14:44
3D World 110 - 112 CD

Название: 3D World №110 - 112 CD
Год: 2012
Формат: Iso
Страниц: 3 CD disc
Качество: хорошее
Язык: English
Размер: 1.89 Gb


Представлены 3d world журнала CD in the iso формате.


Welcome to the CD for 3D World issue 110. This issue's contents focus heavily on working with cloth, so the disc naturally is following suit (so to speak).Online marketplace Turbo Squid contributes a broad selection of clothing-based models, while linefour supplies fabric textures and models. Daz Productions is providing its popular Morphing Fantasy Dress for free, along with supporting expansion packs and other clothing assets. Poser World also offers a quartet of real-world attire. Finally, there's a sample chapter from the Gnomon Workshop's training product Maya Cloth 101: Fundamentals - Cloth Techniques (example pictured right).You can also sample textures from TiledTextures and Texturespot, and we have the scene files you need for this issue's Poser and LightWave tutorials, along with all the files for this issue's Quick Questions.

3D World 111 CD
Welcome to the CD for 3D World issue 111. This issue, we're pleased to bring you the Personal Learning Edition of the professional compositing tool Nuke. It's accompanied by a Nuke greenscreening tutorial in the magazine as we turn our attention to achieving realism and detail.A varied selection of 3D assets includes 14 top-quality models from ModelUP; high-res and comprehensively mapped textures from aXYZ design; textures and LightWave Hypervoxels from Texture FX and Tutor FX; and a brace of panoramic sky reference shots from artist and author Andrew Gahan. Tutorial files include the complete scene files for this issue's Vue and After Effects double-header, including a deer model provided courtesy of DAZ Productions.

3D World 112 CD
Welcome to the CD for 3D World issue 112. This issue, we're echoing the magazine's animal theme with animal texture files from Bit Brush Graphics, a rigged hummingbird figure for Poser from Runtime DNA, and a quadruped modelling training video for ZBrush artists, courtesy of the Gnomon Workshop.There are also two substantial model selections from ModelUP and Flat Pyramid and a sampler of textures from Texture FX. We've also got scene files, screenshots and videos for many of the tutorials in the issue.Enjoy the disc...


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