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Company ( January ) 2012 UK
Женские Журналы
14.12.2011 21:16
Company ( January ) 2012 UK


Название: Company ( January ) 2012 UK
Год: 2011
Формат: Pdf
Страниц: 172
Качество: хорошее
Язык: English
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Company Magazine is one of the UK's Best selling Magazines. Company offers you great tips on high street fashion, beauty, real life issues and much more Life is for the moment and although they definitely want to be informed on social issues that affect them directly like sexual health, drinking and debt, for the most part they will worry about the bigger stuff tomorrow. Be the first to read about the latest fashion trends, beauty secrets, health, sex and topical features every month.


Company magazine is a monthly fashion, celebrity and lifestyle magazine published in the United Kingdom. It celebrated its 30th birthday in 2008 and in that time has had only six editors: Maggie Goodman, Gil Hudson, Mandi Norwood, Fiona Macintosh, Sam Baker, and the current editor Victoria White. The magazine is seen as the UK version of Seventeen Magazine but is more high fashion. The magazine not only has celebrities on the front cover, but it also launches new models. The magazine has recently been touted as a fresher and edgier Teen Vogue.


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