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Elle №10 ( october ) 2010 USA
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27.09.2010 06:19

Название: Chip №10 ( октябрь ) 2010 Россия
Год: 2010
Формат: Pdf
Страниц: 492
Качество: хорошее
Язык: english
Размер: 68.25 Mb



Fall Fashion! Chic coats, killer boats, must-own bags plus the Elle look: the best pieces that will last and last.
The secret to looking 15 years younger. We've tred everything surgery, injections, lasers creams. What really works, what doesn't.

ELLE, the world-wide best-selling luxury magazine, is published in 37 countries. ELLE is packed with the hottest news and trends from the world of fashion and cosmetics.

Special issue Elle magazine! Starring Elle Macpherson, Lea Michele, Amanda Seyfried, Gabourey Sidibe, Lauren Conrad.
The Top 5 Hair & Makeup Styles Ever. And also Love, Sex, Money in big stories.





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